Thursday, July 14, 2005

Things I Didn't Think I Was Gonna Get 10 Captions Out Of But Somehow Did

Backstory: Little Kid. Church Camp. David and Goliath.

1. "Hey! Bart Simpson Never Got Busted for 'Grievous Assault with Intent'"

2. "That dot on Mrs. Singh's forehead is just an irresistible target."

3. "OK, I nailed that bunny rabbit. Splattered his brains everywhere. Are you satisfied I'm not gonna turn out gay now?"

4. "So, Teller never speaks, eh? Let's see if he can cry out in pain."

5. "I wonder if my sister's head will blow apart like the watermelon."

6. "If I can nail that woodchuck, we'll have MEAT tonight."

7. "Well, you can forget about the 'Seeing' part of Mr. Johnson's seeing eye dog!"

8. "Well, your average human skull makes a wet 'thunk' sound."

9. "The best part is, that patsy Lee Harvey Oswald is gonna take the fall for me."

10. "Is the Prince of Pop ready for his suppositories?"

Hat Tip: ISS


Jonathan said...

"No, son, the Secret Service will not pounce on you! She ain't President yet!"

Jonathan said...

How the public voices disapproval of their elected officials in a post-Second Amendment U.S.A.

AM42 said...

Damn... ever since we swapped out the bull's-eye with a picture of Hillary, you haven't missed a single shot.

Van Helsing said...

The proper defensive stance for a young boy approached by a trans-racial surgically mutated pop star who wants to "share a love."

Van Helsing