Monday, July 18, 2005

Shiny Naked People Holding Hands

1. The rent-a-cop sighed, "I remember when orgies at the Kennedy Compound were more intimate. I don't even recognize half these people."

2. "Hey, Al, that circumcision makes you look ten years younger."

3. 1,600 naked English people. I for one no longer desire to have sex ever again.

4. "Sorry, this beach is only for star-bellied sneetches, and there are clearly no stars upon thar's so move along."

5. Police report only one arrest, that being of an internet columnist in a hood performing an unnatural act on a beagle.

6. "Stay in line, keep order people, we know there's a lot of you here to service, but Miss Hilton only has so many orifices."

7. "Butt plugs don't count, Mr. Sullivan, you are still technically naked."

8. Much like its non-premium cable counterpart, the best part of HBO's American P0rn Idol was disposing of the rejects.

9. "Roger, this patrol is bad enough without you constantly muttering 'I'd do her, I'd do her, I did him, I'd do her.'"

10. "No, sir, I do not want a hug."

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AM42 said...

I know it's been said before...

The people that show up for these things are never the people you actually want to see naked.

AM42 said...


tuffbeingright said...

"Sir, did you really thing the grande habanero burrito and keg-o-beer was a wise choice before coming to Neverland?"

AM42 said...

"Excuse me... Does anyone have a pen I could borrow? Anyone?"

Van Helsing said...

Not to worry, folks. It's only a shower.

Van Helsing

Jonathan said...

Hey, that guy in the bottom left-hand corner looks like Patrick Leahy.

Guess these folks can attest to whether or not he's really "Leaky Leahy"!