Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I was going to do this pic yesterday, but went with naked pale English people instead. I saw this morning that this photo was top of the pops on The Corner, and then I received my orders from the central committee of the VRWC, ordering me to caption this photo. Hopefully, now that I have done so, Rove will give me my cat back.

1. "Hey, this stuff is great. What did you say this Soyrent Gleen was made out of?"

2. "And when the biotoxin in these Chip's Ahoy are released, it will be 911 times 2,356."

3. "No your eminence, it's not a typo. The rice crop was wiped out. That bag really does contain Flied Lice."

4. The scientists worked day and night under brutal conditions to meet the Dear Leader's decree that he would possess the most colorful airsick bags in the entire eastern hemisphere.

5. The Dear Leader had a general whose sole duty was to have a finger ready to be pulled at a moment's notice.

6. "Yes, Dear Leader, the workers will be thrilled to have these brightly colored packets of potato chips as a side dish for their regular meals of boiled dirt and rat entrails."

7. "Ssssh, the Dear Leader is pretending to be Roy Orbison. Don't spoil the fantasy."

8. "Not there, huh?... Well, maybe the dead rat is in.... THIS ONE!"

9. "Sorry, Dear Leader, some crazy chick from California claims she found a finger in one of them."

10. "General Kim's beehive hairdo mocks me. Have him tortured and shot."


El Capitan said...

I'm so ronery... I'm so ronery... I can never get tired of hearing that one. If they can't grow enough potatos then how can they make potato chips?

Anonymous said...

First time I have seen the dip holding the chip, instead of vice-versa.


Robert said...

Patience boys, there's enough here for everyone.

Van Helsing said...

If I don't find a free secret agent decoder ring in this one, all of you will be shot.

Van Helsing

Jonathan said...

"How come those two chicks are the only ones wearing surgical masks? Did they spike the chips with anthrax or something?"

AM42 said...

Every night around 11:30, Kim Jong-il would get the munchies, raid the Dorito factory & gorge himself 'til he passed out in a pool of his own vomit.

Gavriel said...

I took a shot at a similar picture on my site and thought I'd leave a shameless plug here. Hopefully someday I'll reach your level.