Saturday, July 16, 2005

Palestinian Happy Dance (TM)

1. "The Tank, the tank, the tank is on fire/We don't have no water let the mother-f**ker burn!"

2. "Yo, Kobe, over here, I'm open!"

3. "You see, Ahmed, this is why it is so important to change your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles or three intifadahs.

4. "What the F--K is that little kid with the slingshot using for ammo?"

5. "Then, after the pas de deux we extend, and then Fouetté with arms extended and... Excuse me! SOME of us are trying to practice BALLET here."

6. "Abdul, I know you just to 'wave your hands in the air like you don't care,' but come on, there's people barbecuing in there."

7. "Oh, my... catch me, Ahmed, I'm being overcome by the vapors." "Nice try, Abdul."

8. Goofus throws pebbles at the burning carcass, while Gallant... um, actually, there isn't anyone in the Palestinian Territories who could qualify as Gallant, so never mind.

9. "Y-M-C-A!"

10. Ahmed is unusually excited to learn that 'Palestine' is an anagram for 'late penis.'

Hat tip: Manker


Anonymous said...

"Oh Joy, there is going to be a tank swarm, and I'm the first one here. I'll get the first pick of the takings"

Anonymous said...

I have to pick "Y M C A". LMAO!


Tess Turbo said...

" do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about...that's what it's all about."

Anonymous said...


Jonathan said...

"Simon says, 'Hop on one foot with your arms in 'touchdown' position while doing some bloodcurdling Arabic yodeling!'"

Jonathan said...

"Damn, Ahmed! Their doing these field sobriety tests earlier than they used to!"

"Yeah, well, you better pass the test...look what they did to the guy in the tank who failed HIS test!"

AM42 said...

ROFL @ #4! Damn funny, VtheK.

Dan said...

Grand Theft Auto: Qatar