Thursday, July 14, 2005

Now That's Quality Entertainment

I don't know what it is either, but it was in the Detroit News.

1. Under the revised Senate rules, the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings were far, far more dignified than the John Bolton confirmation hearings.

2. "Are you sure they did this at GITMO," Andrew Sullivan demanded of 'the boyfriend.' "Because it's not doing it for me?"

3. Michael Moore's first venture into hardcore p0rn0graphy was a commercial failure. "But it did it for me," the director insisted.

4. "Holy Constipation, Wiener Man. The Commissioner says Micheal Moore has an anal blockage." "Don't worry, old chum, I have just the thing to clear out his rectum. The Film Festival will go on as plan."

5. "Oh," sighed a disappointed Andrew Sullivan. "When you said you had a picture of 'hot action' with 'meat' slipped inside 'buns,' I pictured something totally different."

6. "Oh, yeah! It's on! Prepare to die, Pepsi bitch!"

7. By 2012, product placement in the Olympics had gotten totally out of hand.

8. "That's not mustard, there's no damn zipper in this costume."

9. "Nice try, Pepsi bitch, but we both know there's not a UFO hovering behind my left shoulder."

10. "Karl Rove says you have to take a fall in the third round."


Dan said...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force presents: American Gladiators

Van Helsing said...

My money's on the Pepsi can. The other one looks like kind of a weenie.

Van Helsing

Jonathan said...

The UFO in the background is getting the hell out of Dodge after looking for intelligent life and seeing...this?!?

Jonathan said...

The Pepsi can snapped after hearing one "Viagra commercial" quip too many.

Konservative Jay said...

I love the Andrew Sullivan references, good work.

V the K said...

Good to have you back, KJ