Thursday, July 21, 2005

Looking for the Purple Banana 'til They Put Him in the Truck

1. "All right! Who took Mr. Hat?"

2. Sued under Truth in Advertising Laws, the Democrats were legally forced to change their name to the "National Coalition of Leftist Radicals."

3. "Not now, you naughty thing, later, in the hotel room."

4. "Oh, my God, who is that handsome man in this compact? Is it John Edwards?"

5. "This is the hand I fisted Andrew Sullivan with."

6. "And the Democratic Party wants to assure the 'Nuke Christianity and other Loser Religions' society that we share your values..."

7. "Aw, crap, the chip just turned red and started pulsating. I gotta get outta here before the Sandmen arrive." President Hillary's Social Security reforms were radical, but they kept the system solvent.

8. Hey, maybe Bush can't pronounce "Nuclear," but at least he can spell it.

9. "... All the perfumes of Arabia can not sweeten this little hand... ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!" Howard Dean's Lady MacBeth kicked ass.

10. 'Talk to the hand' is supposed to be said palm out, ya big freakin' crazy idiot.

11. "Whew, what was I drinking last night. This smells like its been in a Sumo wrestler's ass crack."

Hat tip: Brenda


Jonathan said...

"Well, bring it on, tough guy!" Dean bravely motioned to Ann Coulter.

Jonathan said...

"My goal is to lie enough to where my nose will grow this long!"

tomslick said...

I was leaning toward national coalition of lying retards.

AM42 said...

Dean taunts fellow Democrats...

"Okay, I will yield my position as chairman to anyone who can snatch this pebble from my hand."

jeff said...

Wow.... a Logan's Run reference. Haven't heard of one of those in years.

Divine Miss M said...

Dean demonstrates solidarity with extreme environmentalists who hate the logging industry by graphically demonstrating "matters of the left hand."

V the K said...

Jeff --- grasshoppers who grasp the pebbles of really, really obscure references are entitled to free copies of the novel.

Van Helsing said...

"You want a piece of me, you lousy ink slinger? Come on up here and put up your fists. And leave the purse."

Van Helsing

Divine Miss M said...

VtheK, think about it, you and I would have gone to Carousel before your novel was finished!

V the K said...

To me, it's a toss-up whether the Logan's Run reference or the Purple Rain reference was more obscure.

jeff said...

For me it would have been Purple Rain - I never saw it.