Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I See, A Moonbat A-Risin'...

One of the lovely, fresh-smelling and eloquent protesters attending the G8 Summit in Edinbur-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-gh.

1. "The G8 Summit Protests Are Sponsored by: SmithKline Beecham. Makers of Paxil, Lithium, Adderall, Zyprexa, Risperdol... and all kinds of neat to eat treats.

2. "All right! Tom Cruise just offered me $200 to stand next to him and make him appear more normal."

3. "Um, Jesus, have you ever given thought to a Gospel of Atkins?"

4. "I don't have mood swings. I'm going to f**king kill you for saying I have mood swings!"

5. The polite protester always carries a barf bag for the benefit of those who accidentally get close enough to catch a whiff of his ungodly moonbat BO.

6. "Parole Approved! Yahoo! Lock up your daughters!*"

7. "It's called a 'man-bib' thank you very much, and it happens to be very metro."

8. "What's that Little Bunny Foo-Foo? You think I'm schizophrenic? I'm going to f**king kill you for saying I'm schizophrenic."

9. "Party at Sharon Tate's house! What do you say Squeaky? Tex? Come on, it'll be fun."

10. "Dad will be happy to know I haven't squandered one cent of the trust fund on hair care, grooming, or personal hygiene products."

* And he really means that.

Hat Tip: Disposable Wisdom


Dan said...

Jesus: That's right, I'm back! Who's up for some miracles?!?

Tomslick said...

Who cares about Africa, but would you look at the size of this booger.

Jonathan said...

"Hook 'em, Horns!"

Divine Miss M said...

He has a +3 breath weapon and a +4 magic B.O. weapon.

Tess Turbo said...

"In order to find his equal, an Irishman is forced to talk to God.
[Heavenward] Yes, Father. [to William and the others] The Almighty says don't change the subject; just answer the @#$ing question."

Inga the swedish exchange student said...

How many times do I have to remind you, pillage first, THEN burn??!

motherofallposters said...

Wow!....I got a hat tip....Cool!. your site makes me laugh all the tie.

V the K said...

Mother, You're welcome any time. Say Hi to Jugsofallposters and Speedofallposters.

Vonster said...

"Aye, the Dutch always 'ave the best fokkin' pot!!"