Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy Model Thongs

1. Fox counter-programs ABC with Sumo With the Stars featuring Kirstie Ally and Rosie O'Donnell.

2. A naked fart contest seemed to be the only one way for Ted Kennedy and Michael Moore to settle the question of who would have first dibs at the All-You-Can-Eat-Rib-Bar.

3. The Traditional Tea Ceremony for the Japanese Ambassador was unfortunately scheduled at the same time and location as Ted Kennedy's Traditional Friday Afternoon Drunken Toga Party.

4. Andrew Sullivan and the boyfriend simultaneously and inconveniently discover their severe seafood allergies.

5. "It's my first time... be gentle."

Real Caption.


Tomslick said...

Hello, Barney Franks office.
This is acme nose warmers calling. We are ready to ship Mr Franks nose warmers he ordered, but he didn't specify if he wanted white or black.

Oh I am sure he will want one of each.

Tess Turbo said...

"Nooooo, it's not Marlon Brando, and that wasn't butter. Guess again."

Van Helsing said...

A demonstration of proper technique for the sumo wrestling maneuver colloquially known as "the wedgie."

Van Helsing

Divine Miss M said...

Forgive me for prying, but did one of you, um, fornicate...with a heavy-set woman in the big-and-tall dressing room?