Friday, July 15, 2005

Guns Fall Into the Wrong Hands

1. "Oh, no, Hillary's PMS-ing. Better reach for the tranquilizer dart."

2. "No offense, Senator Durbin, but for the sake of the party and the country, we'd like you to do the honorable thing."

3. Photographic proof that liberal democrats really are gun-grabbers.

4. According to recent polls, 11% of Americans want Democrats to obstruct social security reform, 5% wanted democrats to filibuster supreme court nominations, and 84% wanted to see them act out the 'Russian Roulette' scene from The Deer Hunter using live ammo.

5. "Oh, I can't believe you men. Didn't Stalin teach you anything? Here, I'll show you to start a purge."

6. "Is that a TEC-9 I see before me?/Its handle turned toward my hand/Come let me clutch thee..."

7. "Stupid WOP, bringing a knife to a gunfight..."

8. "I'm sorry, Judge Brown, but your support of parental notification laws makes you unfit to serve on the Supreme Court and I'm going to have to shoot you now."

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Dingbat-CA) points out an advertisement for an assault weapon during a news briefing on Capitol Hill. - Reuters


Jonathan said...

Senator Feinstein didn't understand why no one found her "shadow puppet of an alligator eating a semi-automatic" very amusing.

Jonathan said...

"Is that a TEC-9 you got there, Big Boy, or are you just glad to see me?"

"'s a TEC-9."

AM42 said...

Anticipating that Earth will eventually be coquered by invaders from the planet Ork, Senator Feinstein denonstrates the proper Na-no Na-no handshake.

Kevin Walker said...

#1 is classic! I love it!

Robert said...

Senator Feinstein realizes that all is hopeless and decides to take out the Senate.

E-HO said...

I don't know if Hillary is young enough to be suffering from PMS. It could be menopause, however.