Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ex-Post-Facto Fourth of July Imagery

1. "Stop crying right now, or we'll give you back to your real parents."

2. "Oh, stop crying, the soft spot on the top of your head absorbed most of the impact!"

3. "But I don't want John Bolton confirmed as UN Ambassador!"

4. "Sssh, ssh, it's all right, little one. Senator Mikulski is scary, but she's old and she'll probably die soon."

5. Tattoo Tent + Crying Baby = Visit from Mr. Child Protective Services

6. "Stop crying. White gloves are only a fashion faux pas after Labor Day."

7. "Well, if it was warm, I wouldn't wear much more." *

8. "But what about my needs?"

9. "Oh, stop being such a Kos Kid!"

Hat Tip and Apologies to: Lapeer Living

* Obscure Reference Bonus Caption.


rosh said...

Number 5 is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Raspberry Beret reference.


Jonathan said...

"No, no, sweetie! Don't cry! They're not really ears from elephants!"

Dan said...

One glimpse at Ted Kennedy's mantits has kept little Annabelle crying for days.

OBloodyHell said...

No, no, no! Ignore the bad Senator Rangel!! No matter what he says, we're not drafting you!!