Sunday, July 31, 2005

Beach Blanket Bomb Belt

In contrast, young Palestinian proto-terrorists can go to Hamas Summer Camps and learn to hate J-o-o-s.

1. "B-b-b-but, I'm not Pamela Anderson, and you sure as hell aren't David Hasselhof."

2. "Well, maybe you'd like me to scratch them for you, Mr. Happy Hands."

3. "Don't be such a wuss. The cattle prod is only set for 700 Volts."

4. "Now, turn around and salute the blurry flag of international communism before I whack them again." Discipline at Camp Jane Fonda was rough indeed.

5. "Sing it with me, 'Someone left the cake out in the rain, and I'll never have that recipe again.' This time, I'll help with the high notes."

6. "Actually, I'm feeling 'straighter' already, why don't you try beating the 'gay' out of me with a smaller stick first?"

7. "Look, Ahmed, its the Ugly Stick your mother used to beat you with."

8. "Bitch! Ricky Martin is mine!"

9. "I'm sorry, but the Ashton Kutcher trucker hat thing is so fifteen minutes ago. As a member of the Palestinian Fashion Police, it is my duty to whack your pee-pee."

10. Obscure reference "You idiot, the Brute Captain is about to melee you, and all you have is a stick!"

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Kevin Walker said...

Mohammad's favorite prank it to say that that is Andrew Sullivan's favorite (used) condom.

Van Helsing said...

"Hey, put the stick down! All I said was, 'You sure are going to feel stupid about blowing yourself up if it turns out this Islam stuff is just the psychotic ravings of a Sixth Century pedophile.'"

Van Helsing

Jonathan said...

OH, if I had a nickel for every Islamic beach mugging with a cattle prod!

Occasional Reader said...

"OKAY OKAY I'll put Coppertone on your back! Geez, calm down!"

David Simon said...

No lube? No way!