Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tales From the Superfund Site

1. "Eat my dust, Hemingway protagonist!"

2. Relieved that the stage prop was the right size, Reel Big Fish cancelled their order for midgets.

3. "Oh, sorry about the harpoon wound, Ms O'Donnell. Go back to your nap."

4. The judges at Cannes have replaced Michael Moore with a huge rotting fish carcass. Let's see if anyone notices.

5. "Sorry, Charlie... you're sushi now."

6. "My Fishessises! We wants them, yesss!"


Jonathan said...

"Yiang! You shouldn't have brought this giant catfish here! Do you have any idea how you got my neighbor, the blind lesbian, all excited for nothing??"

Dan said...

"Any signs of Jonah?"
"Nope, not yet."

Tomslick said...

You can give a man a fish and he will eat for one day. That old adage must be about Ted Kennedy.

lawhawk said...

I think this is a suitable response (or a caption in its own right!)

BubbaLove said...

WHAT!? A catfish picture without a redneck in it? Maybe the redneck is IN the fish...anyway, I'm offended.

BubbaLove said...

NEWS: "Senator Mikulski was mistakenly pulled from the Delaware river today by two visiting foreigners who, unaware of her deal with the Dark One, removed her before her mandatory time back in her true form had expired."

AM42 said...

Ok, now we just have to get this baby under Ashton Kutcher's house. In this heat, it'll only take about half a day for him to realize he punk'd the wrong guys this time.