Thursday, June 09, 2005

Soylent Pizza Is Made Out of Hippies!!

James Lileks featured this, on the website for Galactic Pizza, "Pizza with a Conscience," macrobiotic pizza for dippy hippies. I have no objection to entrepreneurs lightening the wallets of moonbats, nevertheless... everybody point and laugh!

1. "The Dork Signal! Quickly, to the Dorkmobile!"
2. Just how "special" do you have to be to need a helmet for Tai Chi?
3. Emperor Zordaxx, scourge of a thousand galaxies, couldn't figure out why the Earthlings would not take him seriously.
4. Bumper sticker reads, "I brake for gay naked hobbits."
5. Meet the guy whose pizza delivery man p0rn fantasies will never, ever come true.
6. Have you ever passed a guy wearing a giant cell phone costume passing out brochures for T-Mobile and felt really sorry for him. Well, that guy feels sorry for this guy.
7. A word of advice, do not order the "special mushrooms and herb" topping.
8. No one was surprised when the bodies of 34 missing Hooters girls were found in his crawlspace.
9. The one human being who has ever been rejected by ITT Technical Institute.
10. Ten bucks says the words "wedged under a Hummer" will figure prominently in his obituary.


Targetpractice said...

Though many know of his later exploits as Superman, few know of Clark Kent's teenage years as Pizzaman.

Anonymous said...

To keep up with the 21st Century, the "Jolly Green Giant" will now be re-named the trimmer "Metrosexual Green Giant".

tuffbeingright said...

hey! is that a gun in your... nevermind.

AM42 said...

After "the accident" the Green Lantern was never quite the same...

Anonymous said...

The only one who could ever reach me
Was the son of a pizza man.
The only boy who could ever teach me
Was the son of a pizza man,
Yes he was, he was,
Oooooh, yes he was.