Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Real Reason Hobbitses Are Extinct

I was doing a google image search to find a picture of Elijah Wood/Frodo to use in a follow-up on my post yesterday about bug-eyed sociopaths, and I came across this. (Um, maybe I should say, I "found" this.)

It comes from this German website which is neither work nor family friendly, so be cautioned.

1. Meanwhile, back at the Neverland Ranch, life went on as usual.
2. Lost in the throes of passion, they never heard the approach of the combine harvester. The results were gruesome.
3. If the Hobbitses come out of their hole and strike a homoerotic pose, expect six more weeks of winter.
4. "O.K., my love, Enough frolicking on the grassy knoll. We have to grease JFK now."
5. "Well that's four fingers, try five..."


Anonymous said...

"You've collengened your ears again, haven't you?"


Divine Miss M said...

As always, things are idyllic at Hoggwood, Sir Denis Eton-Hogg's home for pale young boys. (Obscure reference!)

Anonymous said...

In the words of al-Bundy: "I'M BLIND!"


Anonymous said...

divine that a Spinal Tap reference?

Divine Miss M said...


Anonymous said...


Will you make the sound of a bull oliphant for me; just one more time?

Don't make me plead, Sam...