Monday, June 06, 2005

Moronic Convergence

Apparently, a group of Anti-War protesters was attracted by the news cameras surrounding the Michael Jackson trial, so the Anti-War Moonbats converged with the Pro-Paedophilia Moonbats.

1. "France Is Fighting With You," perhaps the five most meaningless words in the English language.

2. So, apparently the rumors about Jimmy Fallon and RuPaul are true.

3. "I am gesturing at Michel. I am offering heem ze handjob, but he remains kewriously unresponseev."

4. "Must... Control... Claw... of ... Death..."

5. "Free Michael Jackson!" A phrase previously heard only from record store owners trying to unload excess inventory of HIStory.

6. In France, Michael Jackson is considered quite manly.

7. Actually, the RuPaul-ish woman on the left is stoned out of her mind on Windex and has been helping Little Jack Horner gather plums since before the protest started.

8. Two protestors receive simultaneous monster-wedgies.

9. The banner originally read "France is behind you," but given the nature of the charges, it was deemed to be too obvious a target.

10. Both protestors were ultimately disappointed when they found out "hung jury" didn't mean what they thought.


Anonymous said...

When the French have your back, you know you're screwed.

- Targetpractice

Anonymous said...

"'France Is Fighting With You', perhaps the five most meaningless words in the English language."
"France Is Fighting With You", perhaps the five most ENCOURAGING words in the English language...

V the K said...

Winston Churchill is once said to have returned a battle report with the notation, "We do not fight 'with' the enemy, we either fight for them or against them."

Anonymous said...

v the k
Interestingly, Churchill probably had lower grades than John Kerry. But the difference is that Kerry likely cheated to get his 5 "D's".