Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dr. Seuss Updated: Cat on the Can

1. "Hey! Occupado!"

2. "Knock it, off, George Michael! You guys are grossin' me out!"

3. "I'll show you what I think of your precious Koran!"

4. "Your damn cat just crapped all over my stash! How am I supposed to post at Democratic Underground now!"

5. What's the got your dung?

6. Judging by the red-shift and the way the lid is distorted in the second picture, I strongly suspect the cat and the toilet are being sucked into a black hole.

7. Purina's "Burrito Fiesta" flavored cat food bombed out in test marketing.

8. (Obscure Reference Alert. "What the Hell do I got left? My perspective. Your move!"

9. By replacing the heroin addicts with family-friendly, talking animals, Disney totally ruined Trainspotting.

10. The Reincarnated Elvis vainly tries to communicate his predicament.

A Burmese cat named 'Doogal' is seen in this combo picture as it sits on a toilet in Sydney


Anonymous said...

"... and the cat's on the toilet and the silver spoon/little boy blue and the man on the moon..."

AM42 said...

The last thing that Socks ever saw was Hillary's fat ass coming straight down on him.

matt said...

was the obscure reference from "Speed"? Sounds familiar...

Anonymous said...

I don't hink it was Speed, as I havent seen it. But it IS familiar and buggin me too.