Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Boys, Men, Big Guns, and Rubble

1. "Now, if Michael Jackson offers you Jesus Juice, this is how you release the safety."

2. "So, four of you boys want to check out my gun and one of you wants to discuss Jewel's poetry? Rahim, we're all very worried about you."

3. "So, have any of you kids been in a Turkish prison? Ooooh, you're Kurds. My bad."

4. "... and that's how the grenade launcher works. By the way, Abdul, sorry about your house."

5. "Yeah, there's a hundred thousand of us, and we all got one of these. That's why you f**kers lost."

6. "You made $80 selling daffodils to the Amnesty International observers because they thought they were poppies? Abdul, you magnificent bastard."

7. "Hey, Mohammed, what's with the flags and tassels on your bike? You some kind of commie faggot or something?"

8. "Abdul, you can't let those gang banger wannabes diss you in front of your homies. Here, take my gun and lay down some science on those mutha-f**kahs."

9. "O.K., I'll show you the pictures of my sister's Spring Break in Daytona again, but it's gonna cost you if you want the video."

10. "... and then, when you want to clear the chamber, you have to ... what's that, Rahim? ... O.K., one more time, just for you. 'Don't cry for me Argenti-na/The truth is I never left you...'"


Frank IBC said...

OT, but here's something right up your alley...

staghounds said...

"I don't care what Durbin said, I won't torture your parents for not letting you watch television"

"Alright, if you throw in Hamid's red cap I'll trade the gun for the bike. "

Dan said...

"It's the bike or Ahmed gets it. Your choice."