Thursday, May 12, 2005

Spot the Loony: Easiest Round Ever

1. Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, President Kucinich's nominee to be UN Ambassador awaits his confirmation hearing.

2. Gordo was baffled. So far no one had taken him up on the pin that read "Ask me how the United States is being run by a theocratic oil cabal."

3. "Why is it the guys in the moose costumes get all the women?"

4. One hopes the "Citizen's Advice" was to 1. Get back on your meds, 2. Stop dressing like a bad acid trip, 3. Get a job.

5. Ever since Death began hanging out at Democratic Underground, his politics have been getting loopier and loopier.

6. Michael Jackson finally went one nose job too far.

7. The Apocalypse was originally scheduled for 1968, but was postponed after Death and two of the other horsemen decided to follow Jerry Garcia for a while.

8. The following week, the Citizens Advice Bureau decided to revisit it's 'Casual Friday' policy.

9. "Wear pants? What kind of advice is that? Damn theocratic puritans running the Citizens Advice Bureau."

10. Finally, not even his own skeleton could stand the hippie's vile stench and desperately tried to erupt through the skin.

Christopher Driver, a candidate for the 'Rock n' Roll Loony Party' competed against Tony Blair during the 2001 general election.(AFP/File/Adrian Dennis)


Anonymous said...

"No wire hangers!"

Anonymous said...

"Man, these Botox injections have done wonders for my chances in the World Poker Tour."

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