Monday, May 09, 2005

Oogah Boogah

1. "Those are lovely, ma'am, but you still have to pay for the Pepsi."

2. "Self-esteem? What's that?"

3. "Man, that's a wicked-ugly goiter."

4. "Wow! Getting one-pastie to spin clockwise and the other counter-clockwise takes real talent."

5. "Okay, dad, I guess the hormone treatments and depilatories are working... but this still feels awkward."

6. "No, really, all Playboy field photographers use Kodak 'Fun-Savers.'"

7. "I wish mine were that big," thought the guy in the red T-shirt. "Oh, wait, they are."

8. Someone should tell Barb and Jenna that the election is over, and they can stop winning over the horny young male vote now.

9. One gay man in the back pointed desperately toward the deadly swarm of pteradactyls about to seal their doom, but no one else noticed.

10. "Come on, now all you guys can't be The Prime Minister of Spain."

11. The 7 Windows model meets her public.

A woman lifts her shirt for Mardi Gras beads on the infield at Churchill Downs during Kentucky Derby day festivities. (AP Photo/ Joe Imel)


Anonymous said...

"Hey, who said I needed a t-shirt with a message? I've already got a red birthmark on my chest shaped just like Che Guevara's head!"

Cybrludite said...

Overcompensating for the ninja-woman in the last post?

AM42 said...

January 20, 1993... Shortly after being inaugurated as the 42nd president of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton hires his first intern.

AM42 said...

Randy: Yeeaah! Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about... Yeah!

Paula: Those are just wonderful. Firm... perky... I am just in awe.

Simon: What... you call those breasts? Really, my grandmother has a nicer set on her, and she's been dead for five years.

Anonymous said...

The gay man comment reads like the best of Larson's The Far Side comics.