Thursday, May 26, 2005

Eugene Ionesco Had a Point

1. "... and then the bartender says, 'Take back the banana, that's not a gorilla, it's Senator Mikulski.'"

2. One of the sicker jokes in the Senate is too scream "INCOMING!" when McCain begins having a Nam Flashback.

3. John McCain calls "Tickle Party" on Senator Joe Lieberman.

4. "Yo! Kobe, Over here, I'm open." (That caption never gets tired.)

5. Until I saw this picture, I thought John McCain playing patty-cake with Democrats was just a metaphor.

6. "Senator McCain, how do you respond to those who say you sold out your party and threw two good judges to the sharks just to feed your presidential ambitions." "To them I say, I say 'Gaze into the awesome power of my E-e-e-e-e-e-vil eye.'"

7. "Watch me hock a loogie on the Constitution."

8. "I'm comin' Elizabeth!"

9. "Come here, girl! Come here, bring the stick! Bring the stick! See, I told you Lindsey Graham was my bitch."

10. "Laws, look at that crybaby Voinovich. He never would lasted a second in a Hanoi tiger cage."

Senators L-R, John Warner (R-Virg), Ben Nelson (D-Nebr), Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn), look on as U.S. Senator John McCain (A-Hole) gestures, using all fingers instead of the middle one he uses for Republican Conservatives. (Stringer/Usa/Reuters)


Kevin Walker said...

"I'm telling you guys, Teddy's ass was THAT big. Talk about a full moon there."

Anonymous said...

McCain (A-Hole) - EXCELLENT !!! That is just perfect.

Sol Feeney said...

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