Friday, May 27, 2005

Big MFing Fish Photo

1. Troy McClure was just one of the beneficiaries of the latest Supreme Court of Massachusetts ruling.

2. "The fishing here rocks! Superfund Site my ass!"

3. Renaissance fairs frequently have to turn away visitors who unclear on the concept of a 'cod-piece.'

4. "What'd I use for bait? Dismembered hitch-hiker."

5. Last known photo of Billy Joe Frank before he wondered into the Blind Lesbian Biker Gang camp-out.

6. "Looking for love in all the wrong places..."

7. "What are all these horny gay dudes doing at a Bass-Masters Competition?" Billy Joe wondered.

8. Billy Joe really knows how to handle his pole. He's not a bad fisherman either.

9. The best was yet to come. When Billy Joe got the fish home and gutted it, he found 20 kilos of pure Columbian Snowflake in its belly.

10. KA-BLAMMMMM! "Hey, Merle, I think the Game Warden just found one of our Claymores."

Tim Pruitt, holds a 124-pound blue catfish early Sunday morning, May 22, 2005, that he hooked late Saturday on the Mississippi River near Alton, IL. (AP Photo/Handout photo provided by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources)


AM42 said...

Tim had planned on hanging this fine catch on his living room wall. But when it started singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy"... he dropped it on the spot and popped 5 rounds into its damn head.

AM42 said...

"T a k e - t h e - d a m n - p i c t u r e "

Anonymous said...

"Mini Me" holds his prize goldfish.

Luth Lexor said...

Prom Night 2005 at the South Street Seaport Vocational School