Sunday, May 15, 2005

Barney Frank: Ass-Man

1. "Wow! I really won a 'prettiest boy' contest? And the prize is in your motel room! But I don't remember entering a prettiest boy contest."

2. "If I told you there was no genie, would you stop rubbing my ass?"

3. "Sure, I'd be willing to provide oral sex with a powerful and importance member of congress in order to advance my career. When do I get to meet Mr. DeLay?"

4. "Gee, Congressman, when you explain it that way, Michael Jackson really is getting a raw deal."

5. "Yes, my young buttocks are taut and muscular, filled with the promise and potential of youth... not like those pasty suet sacks of yours."

6. "Really, Congressman? That's an awful lot of male hustlers to bury in one crawl space."

7. "A.) I did not steal Nancy Pelosi's Underwear, b.) I am not currently wearing Nancy Pelosi's underwear, and C.) You may not 'take a look for yourself.'"

8."Let's see, Kerry, Kennedy, you... I guess it is true you need to be a complete moral reprobate to get elected from Massachusetts."

9. "'You put the 'ass' in 'Massachusetts' is the most pathetic pick-up line ever. I don't care if it worked on Andrew Sullivan."

10. "Let me get this straight. You'll pay me $500 to poop on your head?"

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was more than happy to escort young politico and former D.C. resident Mike Evans into the VIP area at Philadelphia's Equality Forum last weekend.


Anonymous said...

"Former D.C. resident Mike Evans is now AC/DC resident Mike Evans."

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. I forgot to sign my name in that last post. It's "pm", but I apparently can't use it if I sign up for a blogger account. Now I've got to think up a new name overnight.
I think you should go pro. Love this site.
pm [almost forgot again--- it's late]

Anonymous said...

"After we're done here, Mike, come on up to my apartment. We can watch TV. I hear there's a Liberace film festival on the Chocolate Channel."