Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Additional Opportunities for Pointing and Laughing

1. "I swear to God, if it takes growing up to be a drag queen with a heroin problem, I will get back at you for this humiliation."

2. "Now, be a good boy and put on your Nancy Pelosi botox mask."

3. "Because mommy's embarrassed to be seen with you, that's why."

1. Unfortunately, the bimbo didn't realize that back home "Boba Fett" had the body parts of four other girls encased in "frozen carbonite," which was how he referred to the basement freezer.

2. If this John offers to pay me in Coruscant Imperial Credits, I'll have his arms ripped off. My Mack Daddy may be not be a wookie, but he is big, hairy, and mean. God, I hate working the convention trade.

3. "The maitre'd at this 'really nice place' you're taking me too better not be a clown named Ronald."

4. Lower your standards a little, they said. You don't want to be the only girl who misses senior prom, they said. Sure, he's kind of nerdy, but he's sweet on the inside, they said..."

1. "OW! Stop hitting me! Ow! Stop it. Ow! Stop it."

2. George Lucas toyed with the idea of an alternate ending where Darth Vader turned state's evidence on Palpatine and was relocated to suburban New Jersey under the Federal witness protection program, but test audiences responded poorly.

3. Lord Vader began to suspect that one of his storm troopers was violating Imperial Directives on Steroid Use.


AM42 said...

Where, where, where do you find these photos?

V the K said...

Someone, I think it was John, sent me a link. It's linked in the previous set. It's a gorgeous Saturday, and I'm too damned lazy to re-link.