Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yoo Hoo!

AlphaMu42 sent me this in a comment to a previous pic. He'll probably never do that again.

1. "Must not touch crotch during chorus of "My Heart Will Go On" ... Must not touch crotch during chorus of "My Heart Will Go On" ... Must not touch Oh! Crap! "

2. April 22, 1944. General Patton auditions dancers.

3. "You guys got it backwards. They show you boobies, then you throw them the beads."

4. Unfortunately, a picture of Simon Cowell smearing chocolate syrup on the taut buttocks of three Filipino prostitutes only gets you to the semi- finals of American Idol.

5. Get a clue, morons. If it ain't in water, it ain't synchronized swimming.

6. For future reference, high fives work better when you're facing each other.

7. "Let's! Do! The! Time! Warp! Again!"

8. Expressions that never caught on: "A cowboy, an Indian, and a leather guy short of a Village People reunion."

9. ""Alabaster, Stratocaster, cookies 'n' cream. Let's give Zarqawi a backdoor ream." Tricking Mike and Bill into believing the Navy was holding cheerleading tryouts was a cruel, cruel joke.

10. "Ten captions and he never once implied we were fags. This merits a Synchronized Happy Dance."

1 comment:

AM42 said...

(Damn, I spend a few days away from the computer...)

LMAO! No, I won't make that mistake again : )

BTW, the real caption for this photo:
USS Carl Vinson (April 20, 2005) -- AGAA Christopher A. Thompson takes the stage with Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Terry D. Scott during an all hands call.