Tuesday, April 19, 2005

They Can Smell Fear, You Know

1. "For shame advocating better Border Security! Bad dog! Bad!"

2. "You know, when you tell me I should go out at night and kill all the whores with a .38, you can be pretty darn persuasive."

3. "You gotta be the worst attack dog ever. Kennedy's gonna live and I have to clean up the mess!"

4. "What the hell are you looking at?"

5."You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered with hair."

6. "The way that Korean Ambassador keeps staring at you creeps me out."

7. "And after the cabinet meeting, I'm going to take you to the vet to get tutored."

8. "He craps on the floor and drinks out of the toilet. We were originally going to name him 'Kennedy.'"

9. "And as soon as he honks up your fingers, we'll get them reattached. Until then, kwitcherbitchin'!"

10. "Barney has survived the Ordeal of Flame! Let us all bow before him!"

President George W Bush steps off Air Force One with his pet dog Barney at Andrews Air Force Base after returning from Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas, April 12, 2005. (Larry Downing/Reuters)


Tom said...




AM42 said...

...and so the bartender says "Actually, Mr. President, I was talking to the DOG."

Anonymous said...

Rice, Bush, and a Dog go into a bar.... what do you mean you heard this one all ready?

--- Monster Kabasue

Anonymous said...

were we going way back for a Son of Sam reference in #3? :-)

Anonymous said...

I meant #2...sorry all.

V the K said...

were we going way back for a Son of Sam reference in #2? :-)

Yes, yes we were!

I'm a sick freak, what can I say.