Thursday, April 07, 2005

One Likes Gerbils, One Admires Goebbels...

1. "So, Mr. Gere, what exactly goes into a 'Lemmiwinks Pie'?"

2. Richard Gere feared he could never win the Palestinian Bake-Off without his lucky 'Bake Naked' Apron.

3. "Now, we get the full set of four of these with some low-rider tires and gold trim on your Mercedes, and you be pimpin"

4. Another priceless exhibit for the Arafat museum: Suha's diaphragm.

5. The Holy Land Mine of Antioch. It's among the relics kept by Brother Maynard...

6. "You know, Ricky, most people don't bother to put icing on hash brownies."

7. "... and how many Zionists will be wiped out by this 'Death by Chocolate' dessert of yours?"

8. "Oh, Abu, it's nothing really. Now, Lou Gossett, Jr, oh, that man could bake!"

9. "So, Abu, ever had your scrotum inflated?"

10. "Oh, Ricky, you've made me the happiest man alive. Yes! Yes! I'll marry you!"

Hat tip: LGF


Frank IBC said...

As the visit approached, Abu Mazen was terrified of accidentally blurting out Richard Gere's shameful secret.

He made it through the initial greetings without incident. Then, he said:

"Mr. Gere, would you like some cream and sugar for your gerbil?"

Passionate Conservative said...

Mr. Mazen, you would not believe where I found THIS!!!!!