Monday, April 04, 2005

Final Four Foxes Feeling Frisky

1. "Don't cry, we don't all end up looking like 'The Vagitator.'

2. "Mmmm... firm... perky... succulent... what's the adjective I'm looking for, here?"

3. "Awwww, you got ketchup all over your jersey. You know what's good for getting that out? Hot girl-on-girl action!"

4. "Can't... breathe... now.... Time to let go.... Really... Can't breathe..."

5. "Please, Lisa, don't make me go over the whole 'good touch/bad touch' rules again."

6. "You know what would make this evening complete? A bottle of Jaegermeister, a vibrating back massager, a and a twister board."

7. "Brrr! My hands are cold. Can I warm them on your heaving breasts?"

8. "Yeah, Billy will probably scream during the castration ... but do you want that 'A' in Womyn's Studies or don't you?"

9. "Hi, my name is 'Milk.' I'll do your body good."

10. "Who am I? You can just call me 'Fred Flinstone,' baby, 'cos I'll make your Bedrock."

Real Caption
Michigan State University women's basketball freshman walk-on Danielle Doneth (right) gets a hug from best friend Lauren Benson as she wipes away tears while cheering her team’s NCAA regional final win over Stanford in the final seconds at Tripper's sports bar in East Lansing, Michigan on March 29, 2005. - Detroit News


Anonymous said...

Don't worry I will be with you every step of the way during your sex change.

Anonymous said...

its ok sweetie you can EAT me when we get home just not here