Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So Many Hippies, So Few Bulldozers

1. Yes, apparently Lisa Loeb is still alive... and apparently it's still kind of embarassing to be seen with her.

2. "Rainbow Z ... I understand that 'soap' and 'deodorant' are 'corporate conspiracies to engorce hygienic conformity,' but if you don't meet me half way on this I'm gonna start wearing a mask... a gas mask."

3. "Well, when I was little, my dad always made me wear a mask whenever I went out in public, and I just never got over it. Hey, is there a balcony around here we could dangle off of?"

4. "O.K. Rainbow, harsh fact of life: The flatulence associated with a strict vegan diet is 'nuclear.' That's why nobody else comes within a hundred feet of you."

5. "Hey, why don't we ditch this protest, go back to my place. I'll take off the mask and show you my 'Little Eichmann.'"

Hat Tip: Kellipundit

1. "A gallon jug of generic bottled water? Dude, who's managing your trust fund?"

2. The anti-war movement was desperate for a celebrity and ultimately had to settle for Jimbo from The Simpsons.

3. "Two stems of organic grapes! A sprout sandwich with just one bite out! Half a Snickers bar! I told you socialists always leave behind the best munchies."

4. "Ricky, your pendulous man-boobs are starting to arouse me."

5. "Life ain't nuthin' but a shit sandwich... and apparently, that's all you know how to make, too."

Hat tip: New Eagle

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Frank IBC said...

Pictures like these force me to reconsider my opposition to the Inheritance Tax.