Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pig Sticker

A Romanian man barrows a pig at a market in Calugareni.(AFP/File/Daniel Mihailescu)

1. The scary part is, this guy was only a runner up in the "Metaphor for the Marriage of Roseanne and Tom Arnold" contest.

2. It was humiliating, but Babe needed the money.

3. When the Supreme Court of Massachusetts agreed to hear their case, the celebration at PETA went on all night.

4. The sign said "Have Sex With a Pig, $5" and since most of the men were expecting Courtney Love, the truth came as a pleasant surprise.

5. "Kermit and I have an... understanding..."

6. "I thought you said we were just gonna play golf..." squealed the pig.

7. Just another Howard Stern listener party. Nothing to see here.

8. When Wilbur made the mistake of pissing Charlotte off, she wove the words "Hot Anal Action" into her next web.

9. After the wolf huffed and puffed and "blew his house down," the third little pig developed a taste for the rough stuff.

10. Roman Polanski presents Animal Farm.


Kevin Walker said...

(Man in the gray coat): When I told him that he should do "Porky's", I didn't have this in mind.

Anonymous said...

"Honey, I'm gonna make you squeal like a... Oh wait, you are a pig"

Van Helsing said...

The principles of Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer are applied to pig farming.

Van Helsing

Anonymous said...

This is a great picture of Bill and Hillary on their first date.

Anonymous said...

"Take that, Henry Waxman!"

Anonymous said...

After Yasser's money ran out, Suha found steady employment in the farm country surrounding Bucarest.

Anonymous said...

After her failed bid for the 2008 presidency, Hillary's self esteem hit an all time low.

Anonymous said...

Makin' bacon!