Monday, March 28, 2005

The Passion of the Dean

Howard Dean makes an example of a kitten suspected of allowing itself to be petted by Republicans.

Hat tip: Alamo Nation via Van Helsing (who gave my book ten thumbs up!)

1. Off-stage, Hillary was seething with rage. "He's strangling all the best kittens himself!"

2. Howard Dean makes a play for the younger voters with his Ozzy Osbourne impression.

3. Now, that's what I call a Beautiful Atrocity!

4. "And then I'm going to bronze it, stick it on a base, and call it my "Cat-Ass-Trophy!" Even Conan O'Brien's audience was not ready for Howard Dean's edgy brand of stand-up.

5. "So, little girl, are you going to be a good democrat, or do I have to kill this little kitty!"

6. "Yo! Richard Gere! I think you dropped this!"

7. "'Last week, you said they were Democrats.' 'Yeah, but this week, their eyes opened.'" Well, Howard Dean would fix those traitorous little bastards.

8. Not even his big-eyed sad-face could save Puss 'n Boots from Howard Dean's rage.

9. Tragically, Howard Dean's statement of there being "more than one way to skin a cat" was not a metaphor for winning an electoral majority without the South.

10. Howard Dean makes a desperate play to lure Ted Nugent to the democrats.


Kevin Walker said...

This is the closest Dean is ever going to be to a pussy.

jeff said...

::: cough :::

Jehane said...

Oh, you are MAD, MAD, MAD... I love it.

Winston Smith said...

I think somebody must have photoshopped Dean's head over Bill Frist's body for this one...

Anonymous said...

When I said pussy I had something else in mind.