Monday, March 21, 2005

Moronic Hippie Parade

Stoned, America-hating nitwits strut their stuff in anti-war demos this past weekend. I challenge you to find a picture of anyone dateable. Hat tip: Rayra and thanks, Thom, for finding a mirror when the links FUBARED.

1. "Thirty-seven yards... the Eject-O-Stroller is a success!"

2. "Bruce, you idiot, I told you we were supposed to have a kid in this thing. We just look like a-holes."

3. "Jeez, can't go two minutes with a visit from Dr. Schnapp's, can you. Some model for gay parenthood you are. And where the hell is our kid, anyway?"

4. "Hey, why don't we ditch the march and go to 'bar'... maybe we can have 'drink' served by 'waitress.'"

5. "You know, Bruce, it's really creepy the way someone bending over a stroller gets you horny."

6. "Uh, oh... kid's acting up again. Time to shove the pacifier up his ass."

1. "Before we start, could someone please just loosen my ponytail a little bit. I feel like I'm pulling 6 G's up here."

2. "... when I think of strap-ons, I touch myself..."

3. "By the way, the next stoner who jerks my ponytail gets his stash flushed... are you receiving me?"

1. "I'm as classy as I am beautiful."

2. Maybe the guy ahead of purple finger bitch should try starving his own war beast... or at least laying off the Doritos for a while.

3. Skeptics might say that shoving your middle finger into every plate of eggplant parmagiana in southern California was an ineffective form of protest, but Sheila figured, hey, a woman's gotta eat.

Hat tip: Darleen's Place


Chip said...

The set of captions referring to the two guys with the strollers has me in tears.

Frank IBC said...

Bruce: "Quit picking your nose. You're embarrassing me, and setting a bad example for the kids."

Steve: "Who are you, Fred Phelps?!?!?"

Anonymous said...

"I'm as classy as I am beautiful."

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.