Monday, March 21, 2005

Hippies! Hippies Everywhere! They claim they want to save the world... but they really just want to smoke pot and smell bad!!

SondraK also had some worthy Hippie Moonbat pics. Where's Eric Cartman's "Hippie-Drill" when you need it?

1. Thanks for the handy target. I should be able to line up my shot perfectly.

2. So, San Francisco named a street after Norman Fell? The actor who played Mr. Roper on Three's Company? That's actually kind of cool.

3. Order Little Ceasers new "Ultimate Mushroom Pizza" delivered by a smelly naked hippie and get a FREE 2 liter Pepsi! Pizza Pizza!

4. Whenever there is trouble, "Naked Human Semi-Colon Man" will not be far away.

5. Where's Waldo? Answer, Waldo got his ass out of there the second he saw the fat ugly naked freak with the tattoos.

6. "Bummer of a birthmark, Moonbean," (Props: Merrit and Vaughan)

1. Among the side-effects of prolonged LSD abuse are idiotic politics, uncontrollable spastic movements, and hallucinations of being mocked by Fez from That 70's Show in a white disco leisure suit.

2. Should I feel bad for thinking the barefoot guy on the left is kinda hot? I'm sure he smells like the inside of a ninth-grader's gymbag that's been left in a dumpster outside a fish market for two weeks in the middle of August... but still...

3. "There's an old dude with a banjo staring at my crotch... and I like it!!"

4. Yeah, I remember my first beer.



Chip said...

At least he wore white shoes and black socks. Nothing makes naked more fashionable.

Chip said...

Just testing you. At least he wore white shocks and black soes.

Anonymous said...

Is that a dirty spot on his bum? Dude if your going to go naked at least remeber to wipe, thats foul.

Monster Kabasue

Anonymous said...

caption this

Anonymous said...

Din't anyone notice the wallet-in-the-sock?

AM42 said...

Anonymous said:
"Didn't anyone notice the wallet-in-the-sock?"

Uh, no. We really didn't want to look that close.

The MaryHunter said...

After SO VERY MUCH angst this last week I oh so needed this LOL W(et)M(y)P(ants) post! Thankyouthankyouthankyou