Friday, March 18, 2005

Haaaaa-rokk, ptuiee.

Okay, that would be the right caption if I were standing where Kofi is. Hat-Tip: Sondra K

1. "Aw, Raspberries! Getting it off his wrist is gonna be harder than I thought... but it's a Rolex!"

2. Kofi's eulogy was uniquely moving. "Never was I so proud to serve as another man's bitch."

3. Sometimes, too much really is too much. Case in point, the Yasser Arafat Memorial Urinal.

4. "My son's a homosexual, and I love him. I love my dead gay son."

5. "Remember how we used to play that you were the rough, brutal terrorist who took whatever he wanted and I was the naughty-but-submissive UN Secretary-General ... and then, there was our sex life."

6. You may be asking why that Palestinian flag has been so obsessively scotch-guarded. Three words: Toilet. Paper. Shortage.

7. Kofi loads up on chickpeas and chrysanthemums at the UN's "Yasser Arafat Memorial Salad Bar."

8. OK, I understand that sometimes even the best of us can't resist the urge to scratch, but unlike Kofi, we usually keep it to our own crotches.

9. Stringing an old Rolls-Royce radiator with Arafat's old Ben-wa balls was a disgusting, but somehow appropriate, shrine.

10. "Look, by manipulating his lips, I can make him appear to sing...'Mmmm Bop... Do Do Do... Mmmm Bop.'..."

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otcconan said...

nice "Heathers" reference.