Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Got Milk?

Indian woman Namatia Ghosh, 46, nurses her five-year-old pet monkey Babloo inside her residence in Chandrapur, India. (REUTERS/Jayanta Dey) Hat Tip: SondraK

1. In other news, Billy Bob Thornton was hit with a paternity suit today...

2. "He stinks, he bites, he throws feces all over the house ... but other than that, Michael Moore is a terrific husband. Oh, and he doesn't mind that I breast feed my pet monkey."

3. She shrugged. "I got used to this amount of body hair when I was dating Robin Williams."

4. Day Care at PETA.

5. "... and then the guy says, 'you go talk to the bus driver, I'll hold your monkey!' Thank you, I'm here all week!"

6. "However, even as the roles dried up, his penchant for aging hookers continued unabated." Marcel, the Monkey from 'Friends': The E! True Hollywood Story.

7. Worst. Ventriloquist. Act. EVER!

8. "8:00 a.m. Disinfect 'Treasure Room.' 9:00 a.m. TiVo 'Sesame Street' 10:00 a.m. Go to Liquor store for 'Jesus Juice.' 11:30 Feed Bubbles." Michael Jackson demands supreme dedication from his personal assistants.

9. The New 'In-Yer-Face' Weather Channel Graphic for describing the cold in Minnesota mixes "Witch's Tit" and "Brass Monkey" metaphors.

10. 1 March 2005: The final Eagles fan settles her SuperBowl bet.


Molicious said...

Okay I am VERY confused about this picture.

1. WHY would you breastfeed a monkey?
2. If you weren't already lactating due to a pregnancy or recent birth, how did she produce the hormones to start the lactating?
3. Does she KNOW where that monkey's mouth has been?!
4. This is just another reason to make fun of third-world countries.
5. Really makes you think why this country makes a big deal out of breastfeeding a child older than 2 when we could be breastfeeding OUR ANIMALS.

Thanks for making this even more funny than it already was. Someone needs to get that woman some help.

AM42 said...

Holy Crap! I don't think I'd let a monkey suck on my finger, let alone suck on a nipple! Unbelievable!
BTW, looks like she's calling to her husband...
"Sanjay, come here. See how the monkey does it... nice and gentle, no biting. Why can't you be more like the monkey."

AM42 said...
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AM42 said...
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Tom said...

In America, women sue for being asked by a monkey to show them their breasts.

In India, women have monkeys hanging off their nipples.

Go figure.

V the K said...

Okay I am VERY confused about this picture.Imagine how the monkey feels.

AM42 said...

Doh! Sorry about the multiple posts. I kept getting error message when I hit "publish".
Oh well.
BTW, I just know there's a "spank the monkey" joke somewhere in this.

Anonymous said...

re the wife:
1. For 5 rupees, why not?
2. Search for "wet nurse" in google. If you're a female, you can just start 'em out even if you're not pregnant.
3. Apparently, the monkey has the same "Pepsodent Smile" she does.
4. And your question is?