Monday, March 14, 2005

Get a Room!

1. The LPGA again denied allegations of steroid abuse and said in a statement, "Let's face it, they're just really, really butch."

2. Robert's less notorious brother, Lenny Mapplethorpe, specialized in professional golf photography.

3. "Dude! When I said 'we should work on your putts' I was not coming onto you!"

4. Ken Lay thought that rape would be the least of his worries in white-collar, country club prison. Alas, it was not to be.

5. His mistake was saying, "Hey, Phil, could you reach back there and grab my balls."

6. The real story behind Bill Clinton spraining his knee at Greg Norman's house.

7. "What do you mean 'wrong hole?'"

8. "Damn, this was so much easier with the windmill."

9. "Things really 'loosened up' around here in the 70's after the club was integrated."

10. "O-h-h-h-h-h ... Sweet mystery of life at last I've found you..."


11. Although discouraged by the organizers, Monica Lewinsky impressions were a highlight of the Clinton Golf Invitational.

Hat Tip: SondraK


Anonymous said...

Annual meeting of people suffering from urine track infections was a success even though there was a long line to the bathroom facilities.

--Monster Kabasue

Van Helsing said...

He hadn't counted on Tiger's backswing when he got the bright idea of sneaking up from behind to give him a wedgie.

Van Helsing