Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Those Bastards!!

The challenge to this pic will be to come up with stuff that hasn't been said already, e.g. Dan Rather vouchsafing the accuracy of the photo.


1. "I don't know what's going on here, but whatever it is... it's F**KED UP!"*

2. "My boss said he didn't like my personality. That's okay, I got nine more."

3. The good news is, Stargate SG-1 can afford to pay Michael Shanks for another season. The bad news, the special effects, costumes, and props are going to be really crappy.

4. "All right, dude, we take it back, you're not a fag, just put the mouse down."

5. "Take the damn Watchtower or I grease Fievel."

6. "Still warm and sticky. Damn! It looks like Boyfinger was one step ahead of us."

7. "I want to talk to the Massachusetts Supreme Court and I want to talk to them RIGHT! FUCKING! NOW!"

8. "His name only used to be Fievel. Then, I ran out of toilet paper. Now, his name is 'Pooh.'"

9. "Technically, this isn't really bestiality."

10. Fievel should have known that restraining order was no damn good.

* Not a caption so much as CJ's reaction when he saw the picture.


Konservative Jay said...

Haha, I love it. Good work, I couldn't have captioned myself any better.

Konservative Jay said...

Maybe I didn't make the post clear enough, this is the reason why I took Feivel or w/e the fuck his name is hostage:
But I liked the captions anyway lol.