Thursday, February 17, 2005

Reconsidering the 19th Amendment, Part 4 of 5

Continuing our tribute to the women of the U.S. Senate. All photos are ripped off from this selection of photographs of female members of the United States senate by Documentary photographer Melina Mara. Today: Senator Barbara Boxer (PMS-California) and legendary blowhard Senator Joe Biden (D-That Really Small State that makes people say, 'that's a state?').

1. "Barbara Mikulski thinks you're hot. Purple Monkey Dishwasher."

2. "Hillary pees standing up. Pass it on."

3. "The tests came back positive. The burning sensation wasn't from bad tequila after all."

4. "I know this may be an awkward time, but, well, we held a caucus on which one of us will confront you about your B.O. problem and I drew short straw..."

5. "Uh, that's a microphone you're feeling up. I'm over here!"

6. "Can I buy pot from you?"

7. "Ladies room. 10 minutes. Hillary will guard the door. Oh, and Kennedy will give you $200 if he can watch."

8. "I'm sorry, Senator Biden, but some troll was bitching that we had to include an ugly man in here. Apparently, it missed the whole 'Sorry Everybody' series."

9. "Kennedy wants you to ask Alberto Gonzales if Senators are exempted from drunk driving laws, Hillary wants you to ask him if he'll be investigating any shady cattle futures deals, and Robert Byrd wants to know if he'll put on a sombrero and run around really fast like his cousin 'Speedy.'"

10. "It's called 'Bean-O' senator, and it's not expensive."


AM42 said...

Really enjoying this series.. nice work!

So I checked out the Melina Mara on-line photo gallery. Wow, you've really discovered a caption goldmine there. In fact, there's one that's just screaming:

"Pull my finger!"
"No, you pull my finger."
"Damn you woman, p u l l - m y - f i n g e r !"

But I'm sure you have that one lined up for tomorrow already!

V the K said...

Alpha, in honor of my bitchy little troll, I'm thinking of extending the series another week. Maybe under a new title, "Aesthetically-Challenged Women Over 40: A 'Caption This' Pictorial"

Passionate Conservative said...

Fantastic! Outstanding! And any other superlatives I can possibly come up with. Damn, these are good.

Molicious said...

Fuck the trolls. You know they're just bitter biatches. Great job on the series. Not to sound like a McDonalds commercial, but I'm lovin' it.

Van Helsing said...

Hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of plagiarizing some of this excellent series for Moonbattery.

Van Helsing