Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Okay, Maybe Just A Little More

Continuing our tribute to the women of the U.S. Senate.
After casting her vote concerning an amendment to the education bill, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) runs off the Senate floor to keep an appointment. --

I have no idea who the cross-dressing she-male on the right is.

1. "... In her satin tights/Fighting for her rights/ And the old red white and blue-oo-oo-oo!"

2. "Trent Lott's dressed as Aunt Bea from Mayberry and singing "It's Rainin' Men?" This I gots to see."

3. "I Must! I Must! I Must increase my bust!"

4. "It's Hillary's time of the month!! Run! Run for your lives!"

5. Sad: Robert Byrd never getting tired of the old 'Ex-Lax brownies' joke. Even sadder: Falling for it 73 times in a row.

6. Far be it for me to imply that she is, in any way, unattractive... but she is chasing a tiny chuck wagon into a kitchen cupboard.

7. "They finished translating Hillary's book To Serve Man... it's a cookbook! Warn the people!"

8. "My spidey sense tells me there's a finger pulling contest going on somewhere in these chambers."

9. "I don't know but I been told... Boxer's boobs are mighty old... SOUND OFF!"

10. The tradional "Running of the Transvestites" marks the beginning of Spring in Washington.


Passionate Conservative said...

Here she was, doing her best OJ impersonation, and dammit! Forgot the knife and gloves!

USMC_Vet said...

I'm not a MAN!

...I'm just...big bone-ed.