Thursday, February 03, 2005

More of that Precious, High-Octane Nightmare Fuel

1. "I always dreamed I'd be in your manly arms when World War III started." "Me too, John."

2. "Fool! Clinton would have had my bra undone moments ago." "Don't flatter yourself, girlfriend."

3. "This may take a few minutes, if you have a large 'blog.'" "Oh, yeah, baby, my 'blog' is huge." "Condi says otherwise."

4. "Unfortunately, the son-of-a-bitch doctor screwed up my botox and vi@gr@ injections. On the plus side, though, my penis has never looked smoother."

5. Just why exactly is her widow's peak bigger than his?

6. "What is it with these young kids today and their music, and their baggy pants, and their private Social Security accounts?"

7. "Tell me again how you're going to ravish me!!" "In a manner reminiscent of Jenjis Khan, my dear!!" "Oh, yes, yes!!"

8. "Hey, are those real?" "My breasts?" "No, your teeth."

9. "I'll take 'Unintenional Irony' for $400, Alex." "And ... it's a visual Daily Double. The Answer is: The Leading Man and The Leading Lady of the Congressional Democrats strike a pose reminiscent of Leo di Caprio and Kate Winslet in this movie."

10. "Eat your heart out Bush and Lieberman."

Hat tip - Cassandra at 'Villainous Company' - a blog that I am sure gets lots of hits from lefties who think it's about Halliburton.


Sharon said...

These two are the Botox industry's wet dream.

I still think Pelosi has surgical tape holding her eyebrows suspended in place. No one's eyebrows are that high-placed!

Molicious said...

Okay, this is great. You're a friggin genius.

Konservative Jay said...

It's all fun and games until he takes one of your pictures and captions them lol.

Right Wing Nut Job said...

Hey, John! Check it out, your tie is EXACTLY the same color as my tonsils.

Molicious said...

I would be honored to have one of my pictures captioned. Unfortunately I don't think I'm interesting enough to warrant that kind of attention.

The General said...


Anonymous said...

(In an imitation of Bruce Campbell)

"Gimme some sugar baby."