Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lazy Dog-Danglin' Day

Aaron Rickle, 10, and canine companion Soxx, a nine-month-old female mix, take a rather rambunctious stroll. Sentinel-Standard/Brandon Lacic

1. Throwing raw meat in front of a seeing eye dog is cruel, but when he's leading a kid... BONUS POINTS!!

2. This is the second time in a month 'Caption This!' has featured a black b**ch.

3. "I warned you I was the Anti-Christ, but NO-O-O-O-O, you had to go and piss off my demonic hellhound-protector."

4. "On second thought, maybe burying him in 'Pet Sematary' wasn't such a great idea.

5. "Timmy's in trouble? Well, screw Timmy, I'm freezin' my ass off out here."

6. "Hey! Chill out! I was kidding about slicing you open and huddling in your carcass for warmth. Sheesh!"

7. I think there's a 'Korean Soul Food' caption in here somewhere.

8. "Oh yeah, 'it looks like the dog's walking me' ha-ha-ha, very funny... the next person who favors me with that witticism is going to see what his own intestines look like."


Right Wing Nut Job said...

"Where does she sleep?"
"Wherever she wants to!"

Tremor said...

D@mnit Soxx!!! If you don't heel right now, I'm gonna see you to the Korean immigrant family down the street! And you know were dogs in that household wind up...