Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Killjoy was here

This photo comes courtesy of a selection of photographs of female members of the United States senate by Documentary photographer Melina Mara. If you value your heterosexuality, do not follow the link. (How did all the ugly in the world end up on Senator Mikulski anyway?)

1. Twilight Zone Episode 421: "The Iron Dingbat," a United States senator becomes possessed by the spirit of a prairie dog, and is eventually run over by the drunken senior senator from Massachusetts.

2. After working with Bill for so many years, Hillary just assumed that "on your knees" was the natural position for a woman to work behind a desk.

3. The Senate "Gaydar Drone" closes in on its target.

4. They used to laugh at Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's claim of "hypnotic powers," but now every time Hillary hears the word "filibuster," she squats and pees.

5. Hill intimidated the other senators by hanging her "PowerVibe MegaPenetrator 6000 Turbo" on the wall behind her desk.

6. "... the junior senator from New York has requested a one hour recess so she doesn't miss Xena: Warrior Princess. Are there any objections?"

7. "Hold on, Barbara... Hey, we're in the balcony trying to make out; can we have a little privacy here?"

8. Bombed out of her skull on lemon-scented Pledge, Hillary casts an enthusiastic 'aye' vote in favor of making March National "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" month.

9. I'm imagining that there's a guy holding up Hillary's head on a stick in a sort of macabre puppet show... and I'm lovin' it!

10. Under a historic compromise, judicial filibusters are replaced by winner-take-all games of hide-and-seek.


Dan Stratton said...

Did you watch the video associated with this photo? The photographer said she wanted to show the "largesse" ... but I swore she said "large ass!"

Anyway... keep up the great work. This one had me rolling! LOL!

Molicious said...

Okay, you're totally my hero. Filibuster..squatting & peeing! HAHAHAHA

AM42 said...

Alright V the K (if that is your real name : )
I'm on to you. You changed the title & a caption or two here didn't you?
Or am I just crazy*

*By no means does this writer, the blogger, or host website intend to stigmatize people with mental illness with this insensitive comment.

V the K said...

Guilty as charged, AlphaMu. I just thought I could do better than what I first put out. (And #7 and #9 still look a little weak to me.)