Friday, February 25, 2005

Condi Inspects the Troops

Anyone else thinking of that scene in "History of the World, Part I?" -- (Photo Hat Tip: BlasterBlog)

1. The soldier accused of stealing Condi Rice's handbag was released when Mme. Secretary failed to pick him out in a line-up." (Hat Tip: Miss M)

2. Meanwhile, a few miles away, Paris Hilton is greeting an equally large contingent of sailors...

3. "The SecState is looking resplendent...that means beautiful and sexy YOU TURDS! ... in a full length black coat and matching leather "Fuck Me" boots by Barracho of Mexico City. Hooo-RAH!" R Lee Ermey hosts the VH-1 Fashion Awards.

4. Those boots are nothing. You should see what she wears when she gives Rumsfeld his weekly spanking.

5. Loony Left Guest Caption: "condiliar rice saluts the midjit hitler while visiting the occupying torturrers and shes wearing torture boots for stomping on detanees while torturring them. also, i hate myself and i want to die."

6. Damn! Looks like somebody pulled her finger right off.

7. Condi approaches the board, lines up, and does a perfect half gainer into the pool... while wearing the boots.

8. "Very good... now, Simon says, 'Invade Syria.'"

9. Yeah, but they really went nuts a few minutes later when Rumsfeld came out in a kicky strapless cocktail dress and buttless leather chaps.

10. It took every measure of restraint for Private Schuman not to point out how under-accessorized Condi was, and not to ask where she got the boots and if they came in his size. His force of will prevailed, but a little part of him died that day.


Anonymous said...

"Don't Crrrry For Me Argintinnna"
but We love you Evita, you are a goddess.. We kiss you feet.. people, Reality Check?

Monster Kabasue said...

I laughed, I cried, I read it twice!.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you are funny. My sides nearly split!