Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cats of War

1. "You look stressed, boy," Sarge said. "Why don't you go out and get yourself some pussy."

2. Sure, three Marines were dead, but because he was so damned 'pettable,' Toonces was forgiven for flipping the Humvee.

3. "... and sorry for shoving you down that guy's pants at Abu Ghraib. That was a terrible thing to do to a cat."

4. "And for crapping in that CNN reporter's shoes, the lieutenant's putting you in for a medal."

5. Private Peterson lines up the punt.

6. "Hey, You! Yeah, You! The fat ugly Doberman who thinks it's funny chasing me up a tree. Why don't you bring your ugly ass over here and try to chase me today. That's right, bitch!"

7. "So, you're the new Human Resources officer. I have a bad feeling about this." - HINT

8. "But why should I frag the lieutenant?" Private Berkowitz asked.

9. "Wow, when you purr, it sounds just exactly like an insurgent terrorist choking to death on his own blood."

10. "So, explain to me again how you got away from the Schrodinger guy?"

Hat Tip: Photos that Never Make the News


Charlie Eklund said...

Great pic!

Even greater title!!

Molicious said...

"Hey Sissy! Toonces fahhted! Musta been dem tacos or sumthin!"