Thursday, February 24, 2005

Brains! Brains!

That's right, it's "Hideous Visage Week" at Caption This!

Pop star Michael Jackson acknowledges screaming fans as he departs the Santa Barbara County courthouse Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005, in Santa Maria, Calif. (AP Photo/Ric Francis)

1. Horrendous casting choices doomed The Dukes of Hazzard movie from the get-go.

2. "Carbon monoxide! Must...reach...utility...belt..."

3. "Yo baby! Yo baby! Mm, dat's right! Shake it, don't break it! ... Shit, playground monitor's coming. Gun it!"

4. Witnesses accounts varied wildly as to whether the drive by shooter was black or white, male or female, and for that reason Tupac's killer was never caught

5. "The muffler's a little leaky, Boyfinger, try to breathe through your mouth." "As if I had a choice, Handjob."

6. "I said DOUBLE WHOPPER... NO PICKLES ... NO TOMATOES ... LARGE FRIES ...DIET COKE ... and that delicious young boy working the shake machine ... to go please."

7. "What! You mean boys' underwear isn't really half-off? Damn you, K-mart. Damn you to Hell!"

8. The Border Agents were impressed. "We haven't seen anyone that enthusiastic about a body cavity search since Richard Gere came through on his way to Tijuana."

9. "Wait! Stop! Pull over! That belt! I must have it."

10. Technically, driving while hanging out the window of a moving car is against the law, but then again, so is child molesting.


Right Wing Nut Job said...

Hey, guys! Is this the Night of the Living Dead convention?

Konservative Jay said...

Hilarious. I was laughin my ass off just from the caption 'Brains!, Brains!'.

warriorjason said...

"Come here little Boy"
That would be the more realistic caption.