Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All Hail Prime Minister Babylips

Onlookers cheered as 42-year-old Jean Peterson came out of a crowd, put her arms around the prime minister and kissed him on the lips as he visited a community scheme in Manchester.Miss Peterson said: "He's got lips like a baby, they're very soft," reports BBC online. - Ananova

"Community scheme?" Sounds like either a democrat vote fraud operation or one of Jesse Jackson's shakedowns.

1. Eat your heart out, Condi, you bitter wench. It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean.

2. "Good Lord, Prince Harry... Homo-erotic Afro-drag? Are you determined to offend everybody in the English-speaking world?"

3. "Yea! baby! Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?"

4. "Don't try to work your feminine wiles on me, Octopussy!! I will stop Boyfinger!!"

5. "Careful, love, I wouldn't want to get any of those jungle germs you people carry."

6. "She said something that I couldn't believe/So I grabbed the stupid b*tch by her nappy-ass weave..." Thanks to CJ for knowing the lyrics

7. "Who's the white head-of-state/That's a sex-machine with every mate." "BLAIR!" "Damn Right."

8. "I don't care if you are the Prime Minister, it's still 40 quid, love."

9. "Hm! Clinton would have had my bra undone half a minute ago."

10. "I shall call you, Ebonia, the Nubian Love Goddess."

"They say that cat Blair's a bad mother..."
"Shut you mouth"
"But I'm talking about Blair."
"And we can dig it"


Sharon said...

Blair looks distinctly uncomfortable, doesn't he? Of course, what kind of person does this to a complete stranger, during the cold & flu season? I willing to bet she's the neighborhood wack-job. Other than that, one of my favorites is "Hm! Clinton would have had my bra undone half a minute ago." That's so true!

Frank IBC said...

-I think "public scheme" means "public works project".

-Does anyone remember when the Queen was hugged by a rather large Washington DC resident, about 15 years ago?

-Maybe you could PhotoShop this picture together with the one with Laura Bush and Jaques Chirac.

Right Wing Nut Job said...

Oh, please woman, don't slip me the tongue. Not the tongue, arrgh!