Friday, January 21, 2005

Rawk On!!!

President George W. Bush gestures from the reviewing stand at the inaugural parade in Washington, January 20. 2005. REUTERS/Larry Downing

1. Upon spotting a group of Crips in the crowd, Bush flashed a gang sign and shouted, "Yo! Mah nigguhs! Punk Ass Boxer Biyatch Goin' Down, Yo!"*

2. "Wayne Newton sucks!" The president yelled. "Crue rules! We want Motley Crue!"

3. Whoa, who invited Meg Griffin to the Inaugural?

4. Bush spots Marlee Matlin in the crowd and quickly signs, "Raddisson Hotel, Suite 792, Wear leather."

5. "Hey-y-y-y-y, Macarena!"

6. That's right, Rather, Read between the lines."


8. "Must ... control ... claw of Death!"

9. "You like this? Rumsfeld showed it to me. It's called the 'Striking Hawk!' Apparently, you can disembowel a man with it in point-oh-eight seconds."

10. Bush spots Dan Rather in the crowd and tells him to "Blow me!" in American Sign Language.

* Props to CJ. It was his caption.


Sharon said...

C.J.'s caption cracks me up!

Princess Kimberley said...

Rummy rules!

Passionate Conservative said...

2nd down, 4 to go.....

Frank IBC said...

Actually, that's a vulgar gesture in Italian - it means "your wife sleeps around!"

V the K said...

Frank IBC --- So, it was directed at Cokie Roberts's husband?