Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pull My Finger, Mr. President

President Bush listens to Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons (center), on Dec. 16 during a White House economic conference at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington.

1. "I don't care if you picked it just for me, I don't want it!"

2. The president confronts a critic who insists that, "I will survive, as long as i know how to love, I know I will stay alive, I will survive."

3. In mid-reply, the president flashes back to the sobriety test he took after his 1975 DUI.

4. "Little Rabbit Foo-Foo requires two fingers, dipshit," the president thought but was too polite to say.

5. Next week, the president travels back in time to debate John F. Kennedy and the disembodied head of Eleanor Roosevelt.

6. President Bush responded, "Are you aware that while we've been arguing a band of tiny Indians have set up camp on the table?"

7. "Come on, Mr President, sing it with me, you know the words...'sky-y-y-y-y rockets in flight... afternoon delight..."

8. "That settles it, rock crushes pencil, we privatize social security."

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AM42 said...

Thanks for the caption fix. I'm feeling much better.

Of course, now I'm off to bed with the damn Starland Vocal Band in my head.
Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight...