Monday, January 17, 2005

My Surname Is My Life

Dotty Lynch, CBS News’ Senior Political Editor, Democrat Operative, self-described "ardent feminist" (I think we all know what that means) apparently played a role in getting the Forged Bush TANG Memos on the air.

1. House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) takes a walk on the wild side.

2. The CSPAN host then asked, "And just how many skin grafts did your face receive after that pick-up you rigged for Dateline NBC detonated prematurely?"

3. "I'm a little bull-dyke shot and stout/Show me your dick and I'll rip it out"

4. Her appearance did nothing to dispel the appearance of bias, but it did earn her a spot in the Mullets Unlimited Hall of Fame.

5. Damn, I miss Chris Farley.

6. "What can I say, I prefer taco to sausage."

7. Some would have guessed the loogie contest was over after the beauty Susan Estrich hocked on Dotty Lynch's left shoulder. They would have guessed wrong!

8. "Could we hold you over for another segment? Apparently, Vice President Cheney and Cokie Roberts have locked themselves in the Green Room and won't be out for at least another ten minutes."

9. "... and then Madeleine Albright bitch-slapped Janet Reno, and by the time it was over all three of us were banned for life from the LPGA locker room."

10. "Sorry about the misunderstanding, Ms Lynch, we didn't realize you were allergic to peanuts. The swelling should go down in another four or five days."

P.S. Flashback to this picture of Susan Estrich, reminding us of how the movie Mrs Doubtfire might have been different if they had cast Ray Liotta instead of Robin Williams.

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Mister Bixby said...

Susan Estrich has all the personality as a Pit Bull with a gunshot wound and the voice of a bulldozer gargling broken glass. Her ability to appear smug and above-it-all should be elevated to legendary status. During the election when all things looked bleak for her side, she was gave every appearance of confidence and assurance, punctuated by brief moments of unadulterated, but unvoiced, panic. I just wanted to shoot her!

Great stuff. I love your captions and eagerly anticipate every post. Keep up the great work! There can never be enough dick and fart jokes!