Thursday, January 27, 2005

Just In Case You Were Getting Tired of Condi/Penis Jokes

Hat Tip - Sondra K

1. Under HillaryCare, gynecological exams will be free, but of poor quality.

2. "You girls don't understand. When I said I was a 'cunning linguist' I mean I spoke 9 languages."

3. Six of Dr. Evil's fembots received their 20,000 mile check-ups this morning.

4. The Abu Ghraib scandal gets worse and worse.

5. On the other hand, Andrew Sullivan now approves.

6. You thought last year's "wardrobe malfunction" was bad...

7. If Snow White were written under an NEA grant, Snow White would be a bitchy transgendered hustler who performed back alley abortions on seven drug-addicted hookers.

8. When cornered, they released their most feared weapon, projectile menstrual flow.

9. "Um... can't we just cuddle?"

10. A clause in the pre-nup allowed 'The Donald' to deflower all the bridesmaids on-stage at the Taj Mahal.


Mister Bixby said...

"No really, when I said I am gay, it was not an invitation to try to 'convert me.' I don't even know what to do with ... those."

Frank IBC said...

Does this have anything to do with The Vagina Monologues?

Frank IBC said...

Are these the models for Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party? (Google that AT HOME if you're curious.)

AM42 said...

"Spin the bottle" is nothing like when I was a kid.

And for the record, I will never get tired of Condi/penis jokes.