Friday, January 14, 2005

Il Douchebag

Sen. Edward Kennedy talks to officials of the National Press Club during a luncheon gathering at the NPC, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

1. "Four fingers of vodka... and spread 'em wide... like this. Bring a tumbluh."

2. "Hey, Baby... need a ride home?"

3. "I'm a senatuh, dammit, a senatuh... I defy anyone to make me wear pants if I don't want to."

4. "No, I didn't say I wanted do Meet the Press... I said would you like to go back to my chambuh and press the meat.

5. "The waterboard simulates drowning! Can you imagine a more horrible death than.. than... er-uh ... er-uh ... than being nibbled to death by ravenous hamstuhs?"

6. "That wasn't me, er-uh, these vinyl seats keep sticking to my bare buttocks."

7. The Press Club was charmed and awed as Senator Kennedy slammed 38 beers and crushed the cans against his forehead, one after another.

8. "... and then Barbara Boxer says, 'I'm going to get a door so we can roll the window down if we get hot...'"

9. Not for weak stomachs was Senator Kennedy's impression of Meg Ryan in the diner scene of When Harry Met Sally.

10. "Garcon, Garcon Four more vodka martinis here... and an oofy-ray olada-cay for the lady."

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The Man said...

I had a caption contest of my own on this picture. Click Here to check it out.